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Mission Statement

Whether you’re an armed professional in law enforcement or the U.S. military, carry a gun for sport shooting, recreation or hunting, a gun enthusiast, or you carry for you and your family’s personal protection, NinjaBobSolutions, LLC will provide a more advanced level of training to meet your specific requirements. We aim to assist U.S. citizens in creating a safe environment, training armed professionals, and promoting the shooting sports all while helping build a more proficient armed society. 

All our training sessions, whether improving your marksmanship skills, emergency preparedness or military tactics, are designed to not only create a more safe, proficient, and prepared citizenry but also give you the fundamental tools and learned skills to incorporate at home or in your organization.  

NinjaBobSolutions, LLC is a veteran-owned small business that provides training that will exceed your expectations. We’ll travel to a city near you throughout this great country of ours or conduct training locally near our home base in Northern Georgia.