Bob “Ninja” Porras teaching at 2024 Conference 

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The ISOA is proud to announce that Former Delta member and CIA Agent, Bob “Ninja” Porras will be teaching at the conference this year. Bob’s extensive experience and service to our country as a Special Operations soldier, Diplomatic Security Officer and Special Agent included numerous global deployments to areas considered war/combat-zones and/or critical/high threat areas. As a U.S. Army Infantryman, Ninja was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for combat action during “Operation Just Cause.” He has also received one of the CIA’s highest awards for his actions in N. Africa. Bosnia & Herzegovinian, Libya, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Suriname, Columbia, Algeria, Egypt, and more recently, Yemen and East-Africa are some of the other combat/high-threat areas where he served.

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    MR, You are an inspiration.. Thanks for your services..

    • ninjabob
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      It was my honor and pleasure to serve. Thank you!

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