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One of the best training courses I’ve experienced. Relative to course content & Instructors, I can’t imagine anything better. My wife & I went from nearly zero awareness & ability to a highly enhanced level of knowledge of our environment & potential threats, along with immediate next steps we can take in all areas to improve our safety and preparedness. It was incredibly “eye-opening”. The training was fun, with the “Back Brief” from our personal exercise absolutely flooring us – in a positive way! You don’t know what you don’t know, even in your own “backyard”. You will after this training. Another great positive from the course is that beyond improving Situational Awareness, Preparedness, & Defense skills, the solutions provided can be used across multiple situations (Defense, Natural Disasters, Power Outages, etc.). This approach allows one to implement a plan that covers multiple situations without having to incur so much incremental expense to cover every possible area/scenario. Some of the solutions are even applicable to daily life (& spend) so you can be better prepared through being thoughtful with items you already purchase for daily living. Additionally, I’ve found few courses of any kind where the instructor is “Best in Class” but engages in such a personal, hands-on manner. Bob worked with us in such a calm (but clearly knowledgeable) manner, making the entire experience intense & fun, but without the anxiety that many (especially beginners) have with this type of training.
M. Harley & K. Harley
I’ve taken several training classes over the years and Bob is one of the best instructors I’ve had. Class size was about right and enabled Bob to provide extra attention to students as required. His practical approach getting shooters to re-focus/focus on the basics is excellent. I look forward to other classes in the future.
Joel F.
I have had the opportunity to receive training from other former military personnel in a previous career. I will say this was one of the best classes I have attended with straight forward instruction meeting where the rubber hits the road. No YouTube heroes, this guy is the real deal. Very good day at the range!
Troy H.
Awesome instructor. The way he instructs allows anyone to learn pistol marksmanship. Extremely professional, my marksmanship improved from this course and I have been shooting pistols for several years. The way he instructs is very simple and allows the shooter to adapt quickly and effectively to shoot in a greatly improved manner.
William H.
I learned more from Ninja in the past 2 days than any military instructor I’ve had.
Mohammed H. Khan
Washington, DC
"Great Experience"
I had a great experience with Bob & Laura at the shooting range. Having little knowledge or confidence in handling a gun, they patiently took me through how to grip, load and safely handle my gun. Bob was patient but firm in corrections, and he has taught me the fundamentals and given me more confidence to move forward. Bob & Laura are very proficient in teaching techniques. If you want to learn any aspect of gun handling, I highly recommend their classes.
Kitty F
Destin, FL
“Very Informative”
First time rappelling and was very fun and useful. Very cool seeing different types of items that can be rappelled from. Situational awareness class had great tips on watching what is around you and was very practical to law enforcement. Very thankful for your time and dedication to train and pass down knowledge.
James Wilbers
Florence PD/SWAT
“Completely Blown Away”
I recently took Bob’s intermediate pistol marksmanship course and was completely blown away from the entire experience. I was an intermediate shooter from a fixed position at best, but I knew that I needed more real life threat scenario training. My overall goal was to become more proficient and better prepared to defend myself and my family, and he took it to an entirely different level which was awesome! He purposefully took me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to shoot single-handed, engage from various cover positions, and even shoot while on the move. Thanks to his demonstrations, well explained instruction, and the sharing of his real world experience, I now feel much more confident shooting my pistol and defending my life and my family if the situation ever calls for it. It’s not everyday that you get to train with a man of his caliber, and I know for a fact I’ll be back for his rifle training course!
Jason P
Pensacola, FL
“Learned Alot and It Was a Blast”
Thanks again for the great class. I really liked the multiple discipline curriculum. Having the mission day scenarios was great. Situational awareness exercise was great as well.
Zach Davis